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architect frictionless supply-chains

By Jonathan Howell

MTS ASL Curriculum Workbook is a reproducible study book to build Early Literacy and Academic skills for primary school age children.

76% funded

iterate plug-and-play metrics

By Chris Adams

This kit teaches how to print, correct an ugly grasp, and how to make sure your child's fine motor skills are kindergarten ready!

61% funded

architect best-of-breed niches

By Ronald Spencer

Establishing a free, world-class, public library which will be a center for curating and disseminating knowledge in Nigeria.

40% funded

iterate impactful interfaces

By Ruth Diaz

Goal: Introducing a new word into the English language/dictionary.\nReason: The beauty of the English language is the freedom to create.

70% funded

envisioneer viral functionalities

By Alice Long

Zu den Artikeln der DSGVO sind die korrespondierenden Erwägungsgründe und die vergleichbaren Regelungen aus dem BDSG gegenüber gestellt

78% funded

incubate next-generation platforms

By Jane Simmons

Shadow School Board will provide parents & taxpayers a "how-to manual" to restore accountability to your school district's real board.

40% funded

grow strategic schemas

By Nicole Green

I want to create an organization that is composed of selfless people who are dedicated to prevent HIV related deaths and transmission.

17% funded

incubate plug-and-play vortals

By Annie Stevens

Group of passionate and eager students gaining experience in the Stock market through research, collaboration and hard work.

48% funded

recontextualize 24/7 portals

By Roy Jackson

V.I.P.-Architecture shows the most iconic, the most famous and most important buildings of our planet in one book.

51% funded

e-enable mission-critical communities

By Jeffrey Rose

A collection of plays, screenplays, and photographs from the productions written by Ross Wells, Texas playwright, director, and actor.

1% funded

reinvent back-end architectures

By Shirley Tucker

a book that talks about and demonstrates a hackintosh build, the pros/cons and legal status and an analysis compared to the mac pro

11% funded

embrace B2B infrastructures

By Catherine Griffin

This magazine is purposed to allow high school students the opportunity to explore their future and determine "What's Next".

60% funded

empower ubiquitous relationships

By Karen Jordan

E-Learning Plattform Fachbereich Mathematik. Bildung für jeden soll keine Idee sein. Mathe, das Haterfach Nr.1, das muss nicht sein.

31% funded

extend robust applications

By Bonnie Perkins

IWTLE is a textbook designed to teach English to adult learners new to the language starting with the fundamentals rooted in phonics.

82% funded

productize open-source networks

By Steven West

I am building video classes in Economics that are intuitive, visually pleasing and theoretically sound.

35% funded

strategize transparent metrics

By Susan Myers

The Law of True Life, Greatness, Power and Happiness

93% funded

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