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Company is a real estate classifieds website launched in 2013. With the premise that the location in the real estate one of the biggest factors we have developed a new kind of search engine that both focused, faster and seeks freer than the current databases on other real estate websites. With just a few clicks you will have a clear overview of the properties that are available in a very specific area through an interactive Inquiry Cart.

This field make as big or small as you want. You specify a location or zoom manually on the affected area and all results are within your map window will be presentable. Ideal for example, when you near a particular place, street, etc. want to live.

The Geo Search concept is new on the Belgian real estate but stores certainly at the wider public. We are constantly working to further develop and improve the overall user experience of Company. For this we can certainly use your help and feedback. Register a free user account and share your experiences with us.

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