Terms of Use

The site is managed by the Organization have Company.com Company. The mere fact of your use of the site Company.com means that you accept the following terms of use integral and irrevocable. Company reserves the right to change these terms at any time and without notice. We advise you to consult it regularly.

Limiting the publication of ads

The pricing of an ad done according to a credit system with fixed rates. The user may change his ad to the extent that the website allows. When the user removes his early advertisement of the website, he can not rely on a full or partial refund. The purchase of credits or the monthly premium subscription is final and will not be refunded. The user accepts that once an ad has been placed on the site and is paid, there is no withdrawal or cancellation rights apply to this ad. The consumer therefore does not have the right to cancel the purchase.

We reserve the unilateral right to an advertisement placed on our site, even before the end of the publication period, disable or refuse in the following cases:

  • An ad refers to an already sold or rented property.
  • A descriptive text violates these terms of use.
  • or multiple photos put the property not explicitly show or a building just standing in the background.
  • An advertisement shall state the address of another website
  • An ad is wrong, especially with regard to the location, or an ad is illegal.

Denial of access to the site

We reserve the unilateral right to prohibit access to the entire site or a part thereof to any individual or legal entity:

  • that would violate the terms of use
  • which the personal data to which he can access it through the website to offer paying products or services or to send large numbers of unsolicited messages to the email addresses of other Internet users ( "spamming") for any any commercial purpose or in any other unauthorized manner.
  • which would place false or illegal ads on the site
  • that would harm the reputation of the site in a way
  • that would infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties
  • which uses the site for illegal purposes

We also reserve the right to prosecute such persons.

Site Availability

While we work to the site Company.com 7 days on 7 and 24 hours to make 24 available, we reserve the right to interrupt at any time and without notice, access to the site technical or other reasons. We also reserve the right to terminate our services, without which we can be held responsible for these interruptions and the possible consequences for you or others.

Company will, to the extent possible to ensure that the site and the files that can be downloaded from the site will be free of bugs, viruses, Trojan horses and spyware are not allowed. However, it can not be ruled out that these cases are present anyway. Company can be held liable in any way for any damage and / or loss arising therefrom to the user. Company encourages the user to install a strong firewall, antivirus or other necessary security software on his computer.

Links to Other Sites

In certain sections, the site contains Company.com hyperlinks to third-party content or websites operated by third parties. We are not responsible for the quality and accuracy of content or websites themselves. We also can not be regarded as authority websites such content approves in general, publish or permits. The operators of those websites are therefore solely responsible for complying with laws and regulations relating to the products and services they offer for sale on their website, specifically with regard to consumer protection, distance selling legislation relating to prices, etc.

headings "For Sale" and "For Rent"

We will do everything possible to make available reliable and regularly updated real estate ads on the Company website. Neither Company nor the physical or moral person (real estate agent, notary, promoter or private) that are made but we have passed the ad may be responsible for any errors in the content of the ad, or if the property would no longer be available at when viewing the ad. The advertisement does not constitute an offer in the legal sense of the word. We encourage you therefore strongly recommend that before making a decision (purchase, rent, ...) about to take the property, contact the real estate agency, notary or private individual who posted the ad to personally check the information and the availability of the property are correct and up to date.

The information is always provisional and must be confirmed by the estate agent, the notary, the supervisor or the individual who posted the ad, especially in terms of the asking price.

Company be liable in any way for the legality, accuracy and content of the ads that are posted on the Company website, nor for the quality of properties and / or the services advertised in these ads .

If you want placed on the Company site, you agree to provide only information (images, photos, ...) that does not conflict with the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights (copyrights, image rights ...) or with morality and decency. You indemnify Company from any possible legal action by third parties relating to the ad that you have posted on the Company website.

Responsibility for the content posted on the site by users

All text, data, photos, videos, messages or any other type of content posted on the website by a user, just under its responsibility. Company monitors the content posted by users do not and can not be held responsible for this on the website.

The user declares, accepts and guarantees that Company holds the right to any text or information that the user posted on the website Company.com to use and publish.

As a user of the ads service Company.com website directs you undertake not to post content on the website that has a political opinion in which a defamatory, racist or xenophobic connotations that incite discrimination, hatred or violence against a person, a group, a community or its members on the basis of race, color, descent or national or ethnic origin of these or some of them.

Just and just by using this website, you undertake to the Company subsidiaries, executives, employees, partners, and to safeguard its representatives of all claims for liability and other proceedings that might be initiated by a third party in response to a content which was posted on the website by you.


You can register for free on the site Company.com. Before you fill out a form with your personal data. Your registration, which is subject to the privacy policy, is required to access free services:

  • save your search for real estate
  • to save the property that interests
  • The ability to add a personal assessment of properties that interest you
  • Ability to add personal comments to properties that interest you
  • Ability to simulate your monthly costs for real estate that interests
  • Ability to see how many times an ad has been since it was created
  • A warning by email when a property meets set your criteria, on the site
  • a warning as soon as the price of a property that interests you, change
  • newsletters with tips and advice in the areas of purchasing, renting, moving, financing and real estate in general
  • information and catalogs on topics you selected

Your password to identify themselves in order to benefit from these services is personal and confidential. You are solely responsible for their use and undertakes this password does not pass to a third party.

The user is fully and solely responsible for any activity carried out under his password.

Miscellaneous, applicable law and jurisdiction

The invalid, void or unenforceable nature of all or part of any of the above provisions, will not lead to the invalidity of all the terms of use of this document. The provision in question is deemed not written and the user accepts that Company this provision will be replaced by another that, to the extent possible, will have the same function.

For any dispute arising from the use of the site Company.com Belgian law shall apply and only the courts of Brussels have jurisdiction.


The contents of the Company website, including text, graphics, logos, buttons, images, HTML, database and icons, the intellectual property of the corporation Company and is protected by rights intellectual property, such as copyrights and the rights of the producer of a database.

The design of this site (planning, selection and arrangement of sections, organization of data, ...) is protected by the legal policy on copyrights. Company prohibits the use of a section of text, full website or qualitatively or quantitatively substantial pieces. The Belgian law of August 31, 1998 on the legal protection of databases (converted to the European Directive no. 96/9 / EC) provides that infringement of these rights is the subject of penalties, ranging up â,¬500.000 fine and, in case of recurrence up to two years in prison.

This document Company provides the user of the Site a non-exclusive, non-transferable and at any time without reason, revocable license to access the content of the website at à © partement computer, display and download the sole purpose to see this content. The user may also receive a copy of the content that appears on the website, print for personal use only, provided that he changes the content of the site in any way and that he retains all mentions of authorship and origin of the site. Reproduction is therefore authorized only for personal use and as personal copy for the purposes of copyright law.

Some of the names, characteristics, and logos on the site are registered trademarks or trade names owned by Company or their respective owners. Unless express prior permission of the licensees, including Company, any use of names, trademarks and logos and / or unauthorized use of similar signs is prohibited.

Any copy, translation, adaptation, modification, or any use of the whole or of any of the protected elements of the website, in any form and by any means, is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Company. Any commercial use of the site content is strictly prohibited.

Unless refusal must be justified is to create a hyperlink to the homepage of the site at the address: http://www.Company.com Allowed, as well as other websites

In no event shall Company be held responsible in front of visitors to the company site for complaints or legal actions that might be brought against the latter by a third party who would argue that the use of any element of the content of the website or one of the products or services offered by the site, would infringe one of

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